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Roblea Music/robert Leach, has four albums out right now, that
are available.  
"Phat Grooves", "Phat Grooves, the Next
, "Groove Properties", and "Finding A Way".  They
are available, at these eMusic stores:   
iTunes, Rhapsody, Nokia
Music Store, Yahoo Music,, eMusic, MySpace
Music, Thumbplay, and IMVU.  
Is now  available, in the
MediaNet Store
, JB Hi-Fi, Spotify Store, Guvera*, iHeart
Radio, Muve Music, Xbox, Akazoo, Anghami, Deezer,
Music Store, Simfy Store, KKbox, TargetMusic,
Wimp, Neurotic Media, spinlet,  Juke,
7digital, Slacker
Radio, Yandex.Music,, revibe, Beats Music,
Sony Music Unlimited, Rdio, Roblea
Music/robert Leach-aStore
, Roblea Music/robert Leach
Blog-Blog*Spot,  Roblea Music/robert Leach-YouTube !  The
"Finding A Way", is  available!!!!!  Roblea
Music/robert Leach- Mobile
Roblea Music/robert Leach-music licensing store
Roblea Music/robert Leach, has been
making, and playing music, for several
Roblea Music/robert Leach, has tons of tracks available, R&B,
Funk, Dancehall, Drum N' Bass, Reggae, Soca/Calypso, Hip
Hop/R&B, House, as well as doing cinematic/thematic music.
Get HOT tracks/music, for your next
Roblea Music/robert Leach